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From Hippocrates and Dioscurides, Nutrigenomics & Precision Medicine

Biofunctional foods & nutraceutical products

Functional foods are a new category of food with increased health benefits based on scientifically based health claims. They are foods that have a potentially positive effect on health beyond basic nutrition. They can promote optimal health and help reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases.

Biofunctional foods fall under the general umbrella of nutraceutical products, which are products that stand between nutrition and pharmaceutics.

Clinical evidence suggests that functional foods with certified health benefits may reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases. Lately, new advances in clinical research proved that addressing root disease causes and using low-risk interventions that modify molecular and cellular systems, can reverse the drivers of «every» disease.

Biofunctional foods are products that all of us should include in our daily lives, within a healthy, and balanced diet and nutrition, followed by regular exercise and healthy lifestyle choices.



Nutrigenomic applications through our ingredients influence the genome, modifying the negative effects of genetic profiles. The ability to interpret nutrigenomic tests and create specific functional products (foods and cosmetics) that can modify negative health effects of individual genetic profiles is the backbone of nutrigenomics and can play a protagonist role in premium cosmetics.


Our BioFunctional Lab

Since 2016, our BioFunctional Lab pioneers in the development and production of biofunctional products. As an initiative of a small, diverse team of leading researchers in the areas of nutrition, genomics, metabolomics, and epigenetics who realized the importance of individualized nutrition and metabolic coaching.


In our lab, we develop and provide certified functional foods and nutraceuticals inspired by Greek biodiversity, composed of selected, organic ingredients from Crete, Mount Athos, and Mt Olympus, developed following the stricter quality standards, evidenced by top-tier scientific publications, and certified by leading regulatory bodies.

We build dynamic synergies with research teams around the globe to promote a state of the art research on biofunctional nutrition, combine research outcomes from the fields of nutritional biochemistry, metabolomics, personalised medicine, and epigenetics to improve the well-being on a population level via the development of the new generation of snacks, an essential part of our personalised nutritional approaches for the people of our dynamic, “workaholic” era.

Our Lab continuously invests in breakthrough technological solutions, both in terms of infrastructure and laboratory equipment. We are staffed with top-notch researchers and promote innovative scientific research while we follow both HACPP and ISO Certification Systems and meet the most demanding quality standards in our production line.

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