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Limited edition, numbered bottles! It comes in a luxury box.


Early harvest olive oil is wildly demanding.

It is a product of unripe, green olive fruits which need to be pressed either on harvest day or the next day at the latest.


It has a distinctive green colour, which is attributed to the chlorophyll contained in unripe olives and result in its enriched antioxidant properties.


It differs in taste compared to other extra virgin olive oils, as it is more bitter, with a slightly piquant mark and the exceptionally intensive fruity character of the freshly-cut unripe olives.


The early harvest unprocessed and unfiltered olive oil, like Protoleo by Protoulis, may have, after a while, some sediment settle on the bottom of the bottle. This is natural and indicates the olive oil’s purity.

Early Harvest High Phenolic Extra Virgin Olive Oil PGI Lesvos Protoleo 350ml

  • Variety: Kolovi & Agrielia (Wild Olive)

    Harvest Period: Middle of October

    Harvest Method: Mechanical and by hand

    Oil Production Method: Centrifugation in 2 or 3 phases, Alfa Laval

    Extraction Temperature: Cold Extraction 23˚C

    Chemical Analysis: Acidity 0,2 max

    Cultivation Method: Conventional PGI(geographical indication)

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