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Image by Massimo Rossetti


We are a passionate team from the Mediterranean heart of Greece, dedicated to sharing the finest natural and organic products from our homeland with the world. Our commitment to quality, sustainability, and authenticity is unwavering, reflecting our deep-rooted love for the Mediterranean way of life.

We meticulously produce our natural and organic food to the highest standards, ensuring that each product in our collection embodies the ancient traditions and modern expertise that make Greek cuisine and wellness extraordinary. Sustainability is at the core of our sourcing, as we work directly with local farmers to sustainably harvest the finest quality ingredients.

Our Symbol: The Spiraling Journey of Life

Our name and our logo embody our philosophy. Back2Roots (Back to Roots), symbolizes not only the traditional production methods but also a journey to rediscover our natural and authentic roots. We are dedicated to reviving the timeless practices and natural ingredients of our ancestors.

The Spiral is one of the oldest symbols and has been used since the Paleolithic period in Greece. This complex but powerful symbol is found everywhere and in many ancient civilizations around the world. But especially in Greece, it was a sign and symbol of the ubiquitous Ancient Hellenism, a symbol of the creation of life and vitality. The spiral movement is seen everywhere in nature, from ancient shells to the formation of galaxies. Pinwheels, seashells, fingerprints, and even the DNA molecule are all shaped like a spiral. It represents in various ways both solar and lunar forces, wind and water. 


At BACK2ROOTS, we invite you to embark on a spiralling journey of health and well-being, guided by the wisdom of our Mediterranean heritage. Join us in rediscovering the timeless nourishment of nature and the vitality it bestows

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