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Since 2004, it has been awarded more than 60 distinctions in international competitions, half of which have been won in the last three years.


It is typical of Lesbos and mainly produced from the Kolovi variety, which endows it with its strong, fruity character. Its blend, however, also includes the varieties of Adramytiani and some Latholia. The first one grants it aroma and rich texture and the second one has mild, slightly semi-sweet and balanced flavour. Combined, they create a refined extra virgin olive oil with a bright golden-green colour and full-bodied taste.


The organic Aegean Gold Bio offers aficionados all the above characteristics with even greater intensity and refinement.

Aegean Gold Organic PGI Lesvos 500ml

  • Variety: Kolovi

    Harvest Period:15th November - 15th January

    Harvest method: mechanical and by hand

    Oil Production Method: Centrifugation in 2 or 3 phases, Alfa Laval

    Extraction Temperature: Cold Extraction 26-28˚c

    Chemical Analysis: Acidity 0,4 max

    Cultivation Method: Organic PGI(geographical indication)

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