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Kolovi was selected as the sole variety in the Aegaea blend to highlight its dynamic and potential. It is an olive which needs little water and develops a deep root system, allowing it to absorb all the soil’s ingredients and store them in the fruit.


Fine, special, extra virgin olive oil, Aegaea is intense and sophisticated with low acidity and high antioxidant value. Its colour is golden-green and its aroma is intensely fruity.


Aegaea Organic is an Estate Grown olive oil, produced exclusively from olives cultivated at Protoulis' plots. The olives are hand-picked and the organic farming method allows wild flowers and native plants -such as oregano and rosemary- to grow on the roots of the trees, thus, giving the olives their rich aromatic elements.


It has a versatile, subtle aroma, rich texture, full flavour and low acidity level, which does not exceed 0.2% during bottling.

Aegaea Extra Virgin Olive Oil Superior Quality PGI Lesvos 500ml


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