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Organic Greek mountain tea is a traditional herbal tea made from the Sideritis scardica plant, also known as Ironwort or "Olympus tea." This variety is highly regarded for its ability to strengthen the body and improve mood, making it a popular choice for natural health and wellness enthusiasts. Our organic mountain tea is sourced from the Pindus mountain range of Greece*, where it grows at high altitudes over 1000m a.s.l., giving it a unique and robust flavor. This xerophytic perennial herb is a staple in folk medicine, used for its various health benefits. With a 20gr package, you can enjoy the natural, soothing effects of this premium Greek mountain tea. Add a touch of Greece to your daily routine with this flavorful and beneficial herbal tea. Annual crop.


*The Pindus is a mountain range located in Northern Greece. It is roughly 160 km (100 miles) long, with a maximum elevation of 2,637 metres (8652') (Mount Smolikas). Because it runs along the border of Thessaly and Epirus, the Pindus range is known colloquially as the spine of Greece.

Organic Greek Mountain Tea 20gr


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